The promotional Price list of placing  an ad in one edition and screening it permanently for 12 months.

 Module 0-printed on the first side of cover (dimension: 240x210 mm) - 3 000 PLN.

 Module 1- full page of other format A-4 (dimension: 297x210 mm) - 3 000 PLN.

 The remaining modules- the price is divided accordingly.

[Fore example: price  of ½ A-4 format, placing in one adition - 1 500 PLN]

Linguistic and factual proof reading is included in the price. 

Project should be supplied in format shown in Modul of Ad .

Other formats and terms of agreement are negotiable with the editor.

  You can place your ad any time, even in the published  journals due to digital and    

   innovative technique!